Women’s BJJ Class

If you’ve been grappling on whether or not mixed martial arts is for you, try our women’s BJJ class in Osborne Park starting Wednesday 22nd May at 8pm! Coach Larissa Cacau takes M1FC’s first ever women’s BJJ class,… Read More


2 Mach1 fighters returned to Perth last night as MMA Champions! These undefeated fighters, Frank Jankowski and Courtney Martin travelled to Melbourne over the weekend to compete for the Path To Hex Championship Belts and both came away… Read More

Beginners Boxing Tips to Improve Your Technique

boxing training

In any sport, it is crucial to master the basics before you can advance. Boxing is no exception to this and there are a few fundamental techniques and tips you can use to practice and improve your skills…. Read More

Gi and No-Gi BJJ Seminar with Yuri Simoes

(Source: Bjjee.com) M1FC will be holding an exclusive Gi & No-Gi BJJ seminar with the superstar Yuri Simoes! The BJJ seminar is happening at our Osborne Park gym on Thursday, 9th May 2019 from 6:30pm. Yuri Simoes is… Read More

4 Reasons Why Women Should Learn Martial Arts

Women's Kickboxing Class

Often women may be hesitant or intimidated to pick up a martial art, as there is a misconception that it is a male dominant sport and that it is violent or intense – none of which are true!… Read More