We have great Kids Martial Arts classes in Joondalup and Osborne Park

Our Kids Martial Arts is more than just a school of self-defence for children, we concentrate on:

  • self-defence
  • personal discipline
  • co-ordination
  • self confidence
  • personal development

We teach ‘Mixed Martial Arts’ for kids… so what does that mean and is it fun?

Yes! It’s great fun for the kids and they expend a load of energy. Mixed Martial Arts is a system incorporating different styles of martial arts such as:

  • boxing
  • brazillian jiu-jitsu
  • muay thai (kick boxing)
  • wrestling

What are the key benefits of Kids Martial Arts?

Most parents who come to us are looking for an experience that will help their kids to stay fit, have focus and learn discipline. The exercises, techniques and games we play during class help develop strength, fitness, flexibility and stamina.¬†Goal setting is another major component in Kids Martial Arts training, by accomplishing goals your child will develop ‘positive self visualisation’ which in turn develops academic and athletic success.

For more information come and visit us or click to call Joondalup (9300 0778) or Osborne Park (9443 1227).