Yoga Class Perth


Yoga Class Perth

Yoga Class Joondalup

M1FC brings you a new Yoga class by Cloud Nine Yoga!! The class is a Hatha Vinyasa – a flowing style class which works with the breath. Some practices are more gentle than others but every one can be adapted to suit the individual.

The word Hatha is generally a description of the physical yoga practice and covers a number of styles and lineages. Vinyasa is a word describing more of a dynamic style of practice which links the movement with the Ujjayi style of breath.

Cloud Nine Yoga classes aim to create emotional and physical balance for students by working through limbering/warming up movements, postures or asana, breathing practices and relaxation.

More and more athletes from all high level sports are cross training and bringing Yoga in to there training regimes because of the many benefits which include improved Flexibilty, strength and balance/co ordination, plus controlled breathing to calm the mind.

Come down this Saturday 1st December at 9am to try a Yoga class at M1FC Joondalup, 139 Winton Rd, Joondalup. Aimed at beginners to intermediate level.