“Yeah Baby” Training

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“I’d only just got into my training grove when I found out I was pregnant. A part of me was gutted to think my training days were over. After a chat with Steve we decided my training didn’t need to stop but we would have to find ways to work around my ‘condition’. As my belly increased in size the cardio & kicking decreased and aerobic low impact training became my focus. As the months ticked by it got physically harder yet with the endless support from Steve & the team at M1FC I found the motivation to keep going. What an awesome group who train at the gym, not once complained about the restrictions brought about by partnering with the preggo. I feel so lucky that I was able to train right up to 37 weeks – which turned out to be a week before my baby was born!” 
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“I’m happy to say I managed to return to the gym 6 weeks after giving birth to a heathy baby girl. Once again I’m having to adapt my exercises to slowly regain my fitness & I’m so grateful to be able to do this in such a supportive & safe environment. A few weeks on I’m enjoying kicking those pads like ever before and it’s an added bonus that my strength is returning. I won’t lie, its been damn hard but totally worth the effort and although I’ve got a little way to go before I reach my goals I’m really enjoying the journey!”

Lisa Woodward – M1FC Member

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