metafit HIIT training class

New Classes: What is Metafit HIIT Training?

We are starting new Metafit classes at M1FC! If you are already a fan of HIIT training, wait until you try one of our Metafit classes, designed to push you to your limits. So, what exactly is Metafit training?

Metafit is a high-intensity, interval style workout involving a series of bodyweight exercises, combined with the latest HIIT training techniques. Designed in the UK by a Royal Marine Commando, this class is designed to make HIIT training even more effective by reducing time spent looking at stopwatches and employing certified coaches who can focus more on their clients.

The workout is only 30 minutes long to give maximum results, improve fitness, increase energy levels and burn fat.

How does Metafit HIIT training Help You Burn Fat?

This High-intensity style training is designed to burn fat after the workout session and during recovery time. By working at maximum intensity during short workouts it creates metabolic disturbance which increases your resting metabolic rate. Your resting metabolic rate will remain elevated for up to 24 hours post workout. This is why this whole-body workout is one of the best ways to burn fat, increase energy levels and work out major muscle groups.

Who is Metafit suitable for?

The great thing about these classes is that because they are non-choreographed, they are suitable for all levels and abilities. One more advanced person may go fastest and harder, while the other can do an easier variation of the same exercise. This allows everyone to work at their own level.

BlackRoll Myofacial Release Class

Following on from our Metafit we are also running a 30-minute BlackRoll Myofacial release session. This class uses foam rollers, massage balls, and targeted stretches to help you increase flexibility and muscular performance. Regular training will help to regenerate muscles and dissolve muscular strain, to get your body into optimum shape!

Join us at 6am on Thursday to try out these amazing new fitness classes in Perth!