Jerry Soo

Coach Jeremiah Soo

Jerry loves food & Brazilian Jiu jitsu. Luckily, he found BJJ in 2011 so he can maintain his eating habits.
He is passionate about continually evolving his ground game, learning new techniques and refining his current ones.

He comes from an educational background having a teaching degree, so is well versed in being able to pass on information effectively.

He brings high levels of energy to his classes and is dedicated in helping his students be the best they can be on the mats.
He believes BJJ is one of the best things you can do to stay active and healthy. It’s challenging, rewarding and most of all, super fun!

When not on the mats, you can find Jerry in the kitchen, sharpening knives, drinking coffee and hanging with his family.

You can see him coaching the beginners and drills classes at Osborne Park, come down today and learn some of his creative techniques and get inspired!