Amanda Jefferson

“Started training at M1FC 11mths ago. I was an unfit 41yr old who had never boxed before. I figured you are never too old to try new things so jumped in fists first. The training I have received has totally changed my perspective on exercise. Now i look forward to training. It is no longer a chore and I’m fitter than i have ever been. I not only attribute this to the wonderful art of boxing but the skill and encouragement of the trainers. Top notch!!! The members I have met are amazing people too. Love it.”

Will Urban

“Just moved in from Brazil to Joondalup and visited the place for a BJJ class, felt like home! Awesome”

Sharon Kenney

“Awesome place, great atmosphere top trainers … thanks heaps to Steve Walton for taking the WPFC Djinda Falcons Boys through a boxing & fitness session today. They loved it.
What a perfect way to spend a Friday Arvo we will be back .. Cheers”

Steve Merrick

“First session with Habby today and it was awesome. Great facilities and not many people know more than that guy, but still patient with newbies”

Tim Egan

“Home away from home”

Jay Hockley

“I’m absolutely loving training at M1fc everyone is so helpful and committed! I’ve met some amazing fighters best decision I made :)”

Kieran Plumb

“Great trainers who refine your technique along with encouraging you every step of the way. Super workout”

Dean Smith

“Walking into Mach1 was to me a dream come true. Surrounded by champion people and elite athlete’s. Through group classes and one on one sessions, Mach1 gave me the discipline, physical and mental strengths to push myself to achieve at a higher level in life and make my goals a reality. Rub shoulders with champions and something’s bound to rub off on you. A huge thanks to Habby and the Mach1 crew.”

Mick Plowman

“To Habbe & all the trainers & students at Mach One Fitness. Thank you all for the great fitness & training sessions over the years. It has been amazing to be able to attend classes in a fun environment learning from a wide range of disciplines (boxing, ju jitsu, mma & yoga). With all the regular weekly classes scheduled at the Osborne Park & Joondalup centres it’s been great value for money & I’d recommend anybody interested in getting fitter or learning martial arts to train with Habbe & his team.” 

Daniel Bradshaw

“Over the last 5 years I’ve trained and been heavily involved with M1FC on a training and competitive level, as well as a personal level. I started at the gym with the goal of one day fighting and using the sport to harness my competitive spirit. From day one at M1FC, I have learnt many important skills and fundamentals that help me not only in competition and sport, but in everyday life. For anyone looking for an environment to train, learn and progress as a human both mentally and physically, I wholeheartedly recommend M1FC. M1FC is not only a great training facility, but a place where you can become involved in a tight knit community like environment.

Habby Heske, as a coach and a person has helped me develop positively in more ways then one. On a coaching and a personal level, I couldn’t ask for a better man to handle, and be involved in my training endeavours.”

Neale Uren

“My name is Neale, I’m 47 years old and current member of 4 years. Prior to joining I was a packet a day smoker and searching for healthier lifestyle choices. M1FC has delivered and exceeded expectations and is just now simply a part of my life. Training in an environment that is supportive and encouraging no matter what level you are at. My life has transformed and I have introduced family and friends to M1FC, with my 10 year old daughter now training as well.”

Jack Miller

“I have trained at many martial arts and boxing gyms since taking up the sport in my early teens. All have paled in comparison to the services, facilities and knowledge on offer at M1FC.  Add that to the value for money and the fact that you will never meet a friendlier more supportive and inspiring group of people, trainers and members alike, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of why M1FC is the only gym you should be considering.”

Morrison McQueen

“M1FC has to have the best vibe of any MMA, BJJ, or Boxing gym I have experienced. professional genuine trainers who have very high skills and knowledge, yet no pretensions or attitude to newcomers or those with little experience! Myself and my daughter have been welcomed and helped out every step of the way.”

Scott jackson

“It’s always fun training at Mach 1. Habbie is a world class trainer with the patience and experience to take you to the next level whether you are a beginner or advanced. No egos, great people, real workouts.”

Neil Porter

“Training at Mach One is a fantastically rewarding experience for me every time I set foot in the door. From the day I first walked in and met Habby, I felt part of a positive and safe environment. Habby pushes me to my limit (and sometimes a bit beyond!) but never with judgement or undue pressure.  As such. I believe that my skill and fitness levels have improved beyond my highest expectations over the past three years.  Habby’s teaching is invigorating, engaging and smart.  I plan to continue to train at Mach One well into the future, and look forward to being able to bring my kids along one day so that they too can experience the benefits of such a great Gym.”

Michael Dobbin

“Mach1 is a great training environment with excellent staff of the highest skill set. Covering a wide range of disciplines and techniques it’s great for everyone. Personally I find the training challenging and the people friendly and supportive. Challenge yourself!”

Raegan Rumbold

 “If you’re looking to train among world class jiu-jitsu players, Mach 1 is the place to be. I began training with Habby over 15 years ago. I was looking for a martial art that was both practical and effective. I definitely found this in BJJ.The club has experienced and very respected instructors, large area of quality training mats, and very respectable training partners. My 10 year old boy also loves the kids BJJ classes that run during the week. These classes provide him with a level of confidence that benefits him in every day life. I highly recommend Mach 1 for all of your training needs”

Helaina wright

“Habby Heske is dedicated to bringing out the best in his students, the training at M1FC is highly functional, professional, enjoyable, challenging and diverse. I was trained at another facility prior to joining M1FC and after having time away from training I was worried about joining a new team. My passion for training returned instantly. I am very proud and fortunate  to be a part of this gym and team of great people.”


“Training at Mach One is a fantastically rewarding experience for me every time I set foot in the door. From the day I first walked in and met Habby, I felt part of a positive and safe environment. Habby pushes me to my limit (and sometimes a bit beyond!) but never with judgement or undue pressure. As such. I believe that my skill and fitness levels have improved beyond my highest expectations over the past three years. Habby’s teaching is invigorating, engaging and smart. I plan to continue to train at Mach One well into the future, and look forward to being able to bring my kids along one day so that they too can experience the benefits of such a great Gym.”

Joshua Nisbet

“I started doing martial arts 35 years ago and, as you’d expect, I’ve trained in a few places and with lots of people during this time.  M1FC is the best place I’ve trained.  Habby and the team create a great environment for all levels and goals.  This is a very rare talent and I think this is one of the keys to why the club feels like such a great place to train at.  I recommend M1FC to everyone I know as THE best place to train, regardless of your experience and background.” 

Stephen Zucal

“I’m a 53year old Podiatrist who has done different martial arts over the years. I do one on ones with Habby in boxing. I have done a bit of boxing between the ages of 18 and 30 at different clubs and with trainers. I found them lacking in teaching technique that the Pro’s demonstrate which led me to become very “On and Off” and despondent. Then I found Habby in recent years and feel that it is a privilege that Habby teaches me. His attention to detail and technique is “addictive” because he is the only person who in 30 odd years teaches me what is truly “The Sweet science of Boxing”.

Nigel Chamberlain

I’ve played many sports in my life and been a member of twice as many clubs. M1FC easily tops the lot. For me the level of BJJ training partners and black belt coaching means Ill never look anywhere else. Results speak for themselves at competitions. The crew are all awesome people across all ages and walks of life all with a similar mindset, that is: Get fit, get better and have fun. Member till I can’t move anymore!

Ben Rees

I have been training BJJ at Mach 1 for nearly four years now and I can only say good things about it. After training in the UK up to purple belt I had a 3 year lay-off when I moved to Perth and thought I would never roll again. Then I came across a Mach1 flyer in the café and figured it was time to give it another shot. One call with Habby put away all my fears about getting back on the mat and since then I haven’t looked back.
The quality of the people I train with – from 15 to 50+ yrs – the sense of community, the super high levels of skill, and the fantastic instructors make this the best club I have trained with without doubt. And at 42 I am probably in better shape than I ever was!