Eternal MMA fight

Support M1FC at the Eternal MMA Fight

Eternal MMA fight-1

With only 4 weeks to go a few of our Mach 1 Fight Team are busy training for the Eternal Fight show in Perth! 

The Eternal Fight Show will be one of the most exciting combat sports nights with the very best of MMA talent flying in from all over Australia. There will be a huge 23 fight card with 5 of those fights including M1FC athletes! 

Check out Courtney smashing her fighter training as she preps for the big fight. This Fighter Training session includes a 5km Run, 1000m Row for time, Dummy G&P plus carry, Padwork Rounds and wall takedowns!  

Eternal MMA fight

The Eternal MMA fight is happening on March 2nd at HBF stadium, so be sure to grab your tickets and come down to support the team! If you’re interested in learning MMA in Perth we offer classes for all levels, so book a trial class and start your training.