Our Women’s BJJ class is here!

What a great turnout at the launch of our very first BJJ class for women! It was all smiles, excitement and sweat as we introduced one of the best self-defence systems in the world to a class of women that were ready to kick some butt.

Our expert coach Larissa Cacau leads the class, introducing the ladies to the world of Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Everyone had a lot of fun experiencing the benefits of BJJ, from the grappling techniques to self-defence skills.


Why Choose Women’s BJJ?

Out of all mixed martial arts forms, why start with BJJ? Many women that begin their BJJ journey have emphasised the positive effects it has on their self-confidence. The on-the-ground grappling will untap a new level of control through the use of powerful techniques such as headlocks and the ability to get out of situations when you end up on the ground.

Secondly, you get to mingle amongst our amazing community of women here at M1FC Osborne Park! It is always a great feeling to meet likeminded people that you get the chance to train with, motivating and pushing each other through the sessions, and just simply have fun!

So what can you expect from our Women’s Jiu-Jitsu classes?

As an introductory BJJ class, you’ll learn everything from the bottom up. Our coach will familiarise you with BJJ vocabulary and you’ll start to know what a guard or a sweep is in no time. Each class will introduce you to the fundamental skills of BJJ, whilst improving your general level of fitness.

The class will break down the techniques step by step to avoid any injuries and to ensure you execute the moves properly. Everyone will get to know each other in the class as you pair up to practice the grappling techniques. You will learn how to have more control to have more impact, rather than solely strength and power, all in a safe and fun class environment.

Other techniques you’ll learn include:

  • Positioning
  • Pins
  • Throws
  • Submission techniques such as chokes, armbars and leglocks


Want to join our team of women for the next BJJ class? Come down to M1FC and trial a week for FREE, we’ll be here every Monday and Wednesday night at 8pm.