World Renowned Krav Maga Instructor, Neil Walton, visits Perth for a Street Knife Defence Seminar on Saturday 26th May 2012

One of the UK”s Top Krav Maga Instructor, Neil Walton, visits M1FC for a Street Knife Defence Seminar on Saturday 26th May 2012

One of UK’s top high ranking and sought after instructors, Neil Walton, will be visiting Perth for a unique

Krav Maga Knife Defence Seminar on Saturday 26th May.

PRO DEFENCE KRAV MAGA - Neil Walton presents a knife defence seminar in Perth on Saturday 26th May 2012

PRO DEFENCE KRAV MAGA – Neil Walton presents a knife defence seminar in Perth on Saturday 26th May 2012


Course: Krav Maga Knife Defence Seminar

Date: Saturday 26th May 2012

Time: 1pm – 4pm

Location: M1FC, unit 2/139 Winton Rd, Joondalup

Cost: $60

Brief description:

Join the UK’s Top Krav Maga Instructor, Neil Walton, for a knife defence seminar.

Neil experience includes becoming the IKMF Krav Maga Director for the UK, former #1 ranked Muay Thai contender who has competed all over he world, Front line Police Officer part of the Tactical Firearms Response Team and Police Self Defence Instructor.

Neil will take you through knife defence and strategies that could prove invaluable. Don’t miss out Book your limited space NOW!!!

To Book your spot then:

Call 9300 0778 or 0410 431 544


Profile of Neil Walton Krav Maga Instructor

Pro defence Krav Maga Instructor Neil Walton

Neil Walton IKMF Krav Maga Instructor Pro Defence Krav Maga

Neil Walton has been studying martial arts for over 25 years. He began by practising the Korean art of Tae Kwon Do which he studied for 10 years. Whilst studying this art he became interested in the street aspects of personal safety and self defence.

Neil began to cross train in a variety of martial arts for self defence, primarily training the full contact arts of Thai Boxing, western boxing and submission grappling. This led to Neil competing internationally in Thai Boxing and mixed martial arts as well as other limited rule disciplines.

He has fought under ‘A’ class full Muay Thai rules and some of his bouts have been televised on programmes on Sky Sports, Eurosport and Channel Five networks. He has trained and competed overseas in Thailand, Holland and Australia, training Muay Thai boxing in its native land. He has trained for numerous years under the guidance of Paul Hamilton at Darlington Boxing and Martial Arts Academy and is currently a registered instructor at the gym.
Neil has trained with numerous other instructors over the years including UFC fighters Matt ‘The Terror’ Serra and Kenny ‘Kenflo’ Florian, British Combat Association founders Geoff Thompson and Peter Consterdine and Jeet Kune Do instructors Rick Young and Larry Hartsell to name but a few.

Neil Walton Krav Maga InstructorNeil Walton Krav Maga Instructor

He holds the rank of instructor with the British Combat Association and has been a front line police officer for almost 15 years. As part of his career in the police service he has spent over ten years as a police personal safety instructor teaching all aspects of police self defence and 6 years as part of a tactical firearms team. This gives Neil invaluable knowledge in the real life aspects of self protection.
Neil is the Director of the IKMF Krav Maga and a head instructor tried and tested Israeli self defence system of Krav Maga with the International Krav Maga Association. He has studied this system for a number of years and has been lucky enough to be trained by Eyal Yanoliv the Head Instructor of the IKMF and a master level in the system.