MMA beginners class in Perth

New MMA Classes in Perth

We have two new exciting MMA classes at M1FC in Osborne Park. Whether you’ve always been interested in MMA or simply want to try out something new, our MMA for Beginner’s Class is perfect for those without much experience. This class will introduce you to the world of MMA, teaching you all aspects of the sport in a fun and friendly environment.

mma for beginners class perth

Our other new class is an MMA conditioning class. This runs on Mondays at 6am and is great for those who want to improve their skills and keep fit. You will soon be transformed you into a lean, mean fighting machine!

mma conditioning class perth

With world class trainers and fitness coaches, we have mixed martial arts classes to suit all abilities. So come on down to our gym to learn more about our new classes or get in contact online!