Mach1 Movement Class with Jake Lalich


Movement is the buzz word at the moment in the fitness industry. But in this instance, it is hard to find another container for the broad variety of tasks that will be presented during this class. Gymnastics conditioning, mobility, hand-eye coordination, balance, strength, hand balancing, joint prep rehab and pre-hab, and skills to complement BJJ, Muay Thai or other disciplines. 

Taught by Jake Lalich, who for the last 3 years has been studying closely under the guidance of Ido Portal.

Mach1’s new Movement Classes in Osborne Park start on Monday at 7:30 pm. Come along and challenge your balance, strength, flexibility, mobility, coordination and agility. Whether you’re a fully fledged gymnast or can barely touch your toes, there’s something in this class for everyone.

Contact M1FC for more details.