M1FC Member, Toorel Lonsdale, places 2nd in WA state titles

M1FC member, Toorel Lonsdale, Places 2nd in WA State Titles

M1FC Member, Toorel Lonsdale, places 2nd in WA state titles

“When I first started I couldn’t even do a sit-up!”,Toorel admits, talking about her first session at Boxing.

Toorel Lonsdale started training at M1FC, a martial arts and boxing gym in Joondalup, about 2 years ago and has now placed 2nd in her first WA sports model show last week.

“A friend asked me to come down and try some women’s boxing classes with her, so I went down to M1FC cause I thought it would be fun and a good way to get fit. It was a lot harder than I first thought, but after a few sessions I was hooked.”

Toorel took part in the Boxing and Women’s Kickboxing classes every week and really started to see a big difference in her fitness and her physique after only a few weeks.

The 21 year old from Hillary’s decided to take her training up a notch a few months ago when a friend suggested they both train up for the NABBA figure modelling competition held in WA.

“Dieting and training was so hard but with the support of my friend, Tegan, and the team at M1FC and my weights gym at Flex, I managed to reach the goal of competing in my first show”

Toorel won 3rd place on the INBA fitness model show on September 15th but not satisfied with that result, competed again at NABBA only a week later.

All the hard work in Toorel’s training and being strict with her healthy eating allowed her to get in shape and be competitive with the other models.

“I never thought I would be able to get up on stage and take part in a sports model show but now I’ve done it, I feel I can put that work ethic and motivation into anything I put my mind too”

When asking Toorel what’s next for her, she is quite sure she is in need of some R and R but not for long,

“I am thinking of competing again next September but I am really looking forward to picking up training at M1FC again and trying out some boxing sparring which I have never tried”

Whether Toorel trains for the next sports model competition or jumps in the ring for a boxing match one thing is for sure, she has accomplished a goal she never thought possible and is now ready to KO any obstacles standing in the way of her future dreams.