How Aware Are You?

How Can You Feel More Confident & Safe?


FREE Self Defence Talks In Perth!

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Self Defence Talks Perth

M1FC Coach, Stephen Walton, will be sharing his experience on Self Protection and Personal Safety by conducting FREE  Self Defence Talks!

Stephen, Former Police Trainer and Self Defence Expert, will take you through the strategies and skill set needed to stay safe.

Would you want to feel more confident when travelling to and from work, in unfamiliar areas or even travelling the world? Do you have a friend, a daugter, wife or work collegue who would benefit from this training?

First Workshops in Joondalup Library (approx 50 min in length)

Thursday 6th November @ 6pm 

Saturday 8th November @ 1pm

What Will I Learn By Attending The Self Defence Talks?

  • How to become more Aware
  • What to look for prior to a possible attack? Warning Signs / Danger Signs
  • How to control Fear
  • Psychology of Conflict
  • Avoidance Strategies
  • Home and Mobile Security
  • Target Hardening

Just as you would attend a First Aid Course to learn what to do in a emergency situation, everyone should learn how to identify and avoid a possible violent confrontation or attack by attending a self defence course.

This talk will give you the tools to become safer, more confident, show you how to identify dangerous situations and how to take action!

Limited Spaces Available, Book Your Spot Today By Calling 9300 0778