M1FC Joondalup offers MMA classes for diverse skill levels and age groups, including group fitness classes and women’s self defence classes.

Women’s Self Defence Classes Joondalup

Feel empowered and confident after trying our self defence classes at our MMA gym in Joondalup. As Perth’s #1 self defence and personal safety course, this group fitness class strengthens your awareness, ability to neutralise an attack and analyse threats. You’ll leave this class feeling safer and more in control.

Krav Maga Joondalup

Krav Maga is a form of our self defence classes that in addition to self defence techniques, it improves overall fitness levels, muscle toning and increase in awareness.

Kids Martial Arts Perth

Kids are more than welcome at Mach 1 Joondalup. Unsure if your kids will enjoy our kids BJJ and kids kickboxing classes? Come along to any of our scheduled kids martial arts classes for a FREE trial class!

Kickboxing Joondalup

Kickboxing fitness classes Joondalup offers a whole body workout, with new routines each session. This group fitness class takes you through heart pumping circuit sessions, technique training, and abdominal workouts, to add variety to your regular kickboxing classes.

Muay Thai Joondalup

Muay Thai Joondalup is offered as a more traditional form of kickboxing. Stay fit and gain confidence through this type of kickboxing and boxing style. Our Joondalup Muay Thai gym class is open to anyone wanting an alternative to regular gym training workouts and to join a great MMA gym community.

BJJ Joondalup

Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes offers challenging mixed martial art style that involves submission techniques such as leglocks and chokes to gain self defence skills. Our Joondalup BJJ classes are available to everyone, from beginners with no martial arts experience, to those with advanced BJJ skills and have earnt blue belts or higher.

Other MMA and fitness classes specific to our Joondalup location include:

  • Boxing Padwork
  • Metafit/Roll and Release

Mach 1 Joondalup is less than 15-minute drive away from you if you live in these surrounding areas, so come down for a FREE trial class today and experience a fun and new alternative to regular gym workouts!

  • Edgewater
  • Currambine
  • Heathridge
  • Edgewater
  • Ocean Reef
  • Craigie
  • Kinross
  • Burns Beach
  • Beldon
  • Mullaloo
  • Clarkson
  • Alkimos
  • Yanchep


“A great gym whether you want to tone up, learn how to fight or just make friends! Such a community focus as well as fun, incredibly challenging classes! The Muay Thai and boxing classes helped me achieve my goals incredibly quickly! highly recommend” – Saskia Stone