Perth’s No.1 Personal Safety & Self Defence Courses

Everyone should have the essential skills and knowledge that these courses provide you. The self-defense course enables the participants to feel more confident and safe when out and about.
We have provided courses to security firms, the police force, government agencies, businesses, schools/colleges and the general public.
How would you identify an attacker? What steps can you take to avoid an attack? How would you control the fear?

Our next course:

“Fight Back! Women’s Personal Safety & Self Protection Course”

The women’s self defense course will cover:

  • Awareness Training
  • Principles Of Personal Safety
  • Warning/Danger Signs
  • Controlling Fear
  • Threat Analysis
  • Neutralising An Attack

To book, please contact us on 9300 0778 Or the contact form to the right.


Thanks Steve, We appreciate the time you made to come to Mater Dei College and educate the Year 10 students about self-awareness and safety in their lives.

Through your engaging presentation, the students learnt some practical awareness drills on safety as well as some basic common-sense practises on avoiding potential threatening situations. The students enjoyed the practical exercises on basic self-defence as well.

Year 10 Coordinator – Mater Dei College

Finding someone who understood the importance of providing self-defence to vulnerable women, and being able to adapt the classes to suit our clients was essential for St. Bart’s.

Steve was able to provide a fun and informative learning environment, encouraging participation and making all who took part feel comfortable. All the clients and members of the public that participated in the workshops provided, left feeling empowered and fully confident in self-defence.

It was a pleasure working with Steve (Pro Defence), and we hope to work with him again in the not too distant future.

Kind Regards,

Michala McMahon – Coordinator Family & Communities


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