Kids Martial Arts

Junior Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

What is it:

The Junior Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program offers our young members the opportunity to learn from both experienced coaches and qualified coaches in this grappling art.

Kids BJJ classes allow our students to develop self defence skills and the opportunity to take part in competitions throughout the year.

Class description:

At M1FC we focus on coaching our students in a fun and structured environment, and each class is designed to increase each member’s self-confidence.

We aim to :

  • Bullyproof our students so they can become their own bodyguard
  • Promote respect for our club and other team members
  • Develop the skills and the techniques of our students
  • Allow children to succeed in the M1FC training environment and achieve the goals they set

An average class has a warm-up, games, technique drills and partner practices.

Who is it for:

We have kid’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes from 4-7 years old and our Junior BJJ program from 8-13 years old.


The classes cater for all abilities. The classes are especially good for beginners as our coaches support and develop them through their learning.


45 minutes

Can we just turn up to a class?

Absolutely! Bring your kids to any of our children’s jiu-jitsu programs scheduled on our timetable for a FREE trial class. Please arrive 10 mins early to your first class which will allow you to get settled in and ask any questions you may have.


I have been training at Mach 1 Osborne Park for about a year now, It’s a great club with a great atmosphere the coaches are great and guide you through whether you’re just starting or have been doing it for years. I love the club and would recommend it to anyone wanting to get fit or get right into learning one of their many Martial arts available. I Recommend them so highly my 8-year-old son now does The kids jujitsu classes and he loves it.” – Maurice Pace.