Is Yoga Beneficial For Muscle Growth?

Yoga Pose

When people think of yoga, they may think that it is just a way to relax and unwind, requiring you to be flexible. While yoga does focus on relaxation, increasing flexibility, improving  breathing techniques and connecting your body… Read More

Silver At Worlds For Mach1 Coach

M1FC Head Coach Habby Heske wins Silver at the IBJJF Worlds in Las Vegas! Heske won his first 3 fights and went into the finals against 5x World champ Luiz Rocha from Brazil. After a tough back and… Read More

Which Martial Art is Best for Beginners?


Curious about martial arts but not sure where to start? When starting out, there are a lot of different martial arts to pick from. So how do you know which one is best for you? There is not… Read More

5 Benefits of Martial Arts

men sparring

How good does it feel to let out all that steam when punching that boxing bag? Tired of your normal, repetitive gym routine? Martial Arts provides an abundance of benefits, both physically and mentally for people of all… Read More

Silver Gloves Champion!

Mach1 Boxer Liam Phillips entered the Boxing WA Silver Gloves Championship this last weekend with only 2 previous fights and left as the 60kg Silver Gloves Champion!!! We have seen Liam progress so much in the last few… Read More

Courtney Retains The Belt!

Mach1 team member and Path to Hex Flyweight Australian Champion, Courtney “No Mercy” Martin, returned to Perth this week with the another belt! Courtney defended her title in Melbourne against an experienced MMA Fighter and IMMAF Champion, Alish… Read More

Muay Thai Fight Night!

Mach1 fighters Ashby Tink and David McCrossan stepped into the ring for the first time at Perth’s Ignition Muay Thai show last weekend and showed what hard work looks like! Making their debut both these Mach1 Muay Thai… Read More

Our Women’s BJJ class is here!


What a great turnout at the launch of our very first BJJ class for women! It was all smiles, excitement and sweat as we introduced one of the best self-defence systems in the world to a class of… Read More

Women’s BJJ Class

If you’ve been grappling on whether or not mixed martial arts is for you, try our women’s BJJ class in Osborne Park starting Wednesday 22nd May at 8pm! Coach Larissa Cacau takes M1FC’s first ever women’s BJJ class,… Read More


2 Mach1 fighters returned to Perth last night as MMA Champions! These undefeated fighters, Frank Jankowski and Courtney Martin travelled to Melbourne over the weekend to compete for the Path To Hex Championship Belts and both came away… Read More