Boxing is Calorie-Killing King!

Study at M1FC puts Boxing as the best workout for calorie output and affordability!

Today Tonight and the West Australian invited M1FC coach, Stephen Walton to take part in a study examining fitness regimes including Boxing, Crossfit, Metafit and Pole Dancing. Find out the amazing results in the link below:

Article in the West

Best Workout in Perth

“Boxing at Mach1FC in Joondalup was the calorie-killing exercise of the four disciplines tested.

Trainer Steve Walton put together a 20-minute session combining pad and bag work and cardio which saw Jordan burn 322 calories with a sustained chest-busting heart rate of 78 per cent of his maximum.

Comparing what it cost to burn each calorie in the different exercises raised a couple of surprises.

The blunt force trauma of 20 minutes of boxing saw the sport emerge as the most cost-efficient way to shed weight. At 48 calories per dollar, it eclipsed the next best-performing exercise, Crossfit, by 13 calories. Despite triggering the lowest calorie burn over 20 minutes, pole dancing outperformed Metafit in the financial sense, clocking 25 calories per dollar, two calories more than under Metafit.”

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