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The only person we can truly count on in life is ourself.

Our own mind, our own body, our own thoughts, feelings and actions. All of these things make us the individual we are.

Unique, one of a kind. Special!

So why is it that we choose to tear ourselves down so often and compare our lives to those around us? When did we stop celebrating the beauty of our own bodies and the strength each and every one of us possess but too often dismiss in favour of negative self talk?

Girls, I say we all stop that today.

When I had the idea of a collaboration with other Perth bloggers my concept was simple.

Female empowerment, health in all shapes and no one size fits all when it comes to a balanced lifestyle. 

And what better way to put our message across than by a boxing session with Stephen Walton, MMA and fitness instructor at Mach 1 Fight Club  A man who spends his days teaching self defence and instilling confidence into those around him. He’s also just a straight up cool guy with an abundance of Dad jokes.



Natalie Morrison, creator of the Sports Luxe range Acron Threads was the obvious choice for styling the shoot. Her beautiful range of clothes proved to be versatile and served us well not just during our shoot but styled later on with a pair of boots and a sassy blazer jacket. Oh and yeah, she looks like this at almost 8 months pregnant.




Each one of these bloggers has their own beliefs when it comes to what constitutes a well rounded and balanced lifestyle and today I give you their outlooks.

Starting with my own.




“My arms are fat. My waist would look better in this dress if it was smaller. If I lose 5 kilos i’ll be happier.These are just a handful of the thoughts i’ve had throughout my life and believe me when I say that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I wish I could place all blame on the media and everything around me but truth be told, I was the sole person responsible for putting the amount of pressure on myself that I did. I could have the body of Britney Spears pre meltdown and I could breath out in a pair of skinny jeans without the muffin top but you know what? I LOVE ICE CREAM! And wine and sleeping in and cheese platters in my pjs whilst watching Sex and The City. I train hard to build strength not only in my body but within my mind and I’m proud of the woman I am slowly becoming; confident, independent and more than happy to indulge in a pizza once in a while. To myself and with extra cheese. I choose my balanced lifestyle over chiselled obliques any day because health and a positive body image comes in a variety of packages. I own my decisions, not a magazine.”



Hayley @ Primping Perth



“I’ve been hard on my body since I was a teenager. Back in school I’d eat junk food then jump on a few fad diets, including the baby food diet which lasted an hour (going to the shop, buying a pot of baby food, warming it up, eating one spoonful, throwing it in the bin). I was fifteen. I was also a size 6. As I’ve grown up from that silly girl, I’ve maintained a size 6-8 by fuelling my body with a very healthy diet, and it has only been in recent months that I’ve stopped aspiring to the waifs gracing the covers of Vogue, and now want to be toned and strong like the fitness models pushing those skinny bitches out of my Instagram feed. I love my food and have realised that to have abs and baby guns as well as my wine and chocolate, I actually need to get off my arse and earn it. Now I get stuck into resistance training four times a week and can feel my body getting stronger and fitter than it has ever been which is amazing! Will I ever be happy in the skin that I’m in? I don’t know. But I’ll give this new fitness regime a go and start culling the stick insects from my Insta feed… Chardonnay in hand of course.”



Emma @ The Illusive Femme



“I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with my body. There are parts of it I love, but other spots that to this day, still irk me. I think as I’ve gotten older though I’m finally learning to love the skin I’m in. I have curves, but these days I embrace them. There is no hiding this butt! In terms of staying healthy, I actually find exercise kind of boring (scandalous) so for me it’s all about eating healthy during the week. The weekend is for indulging though. I don’t think you can deny yourself the good things in life. It’s all about a balance. If you want that chocolate or glass of wine just have it, or you’ll find yourself binging on junk if you don’t treat yourself every now and then. A positive mind also helps! Looking after your mental health is just as important as your physical health.”



Sameera @ Dynamique.Blog



“It was not too long go that I read an article highlighting how hard it is to attain what is considered “hot” in this generation. It referenced the usual suspects, the Kardashians, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce. I read this article en route and I remember how it stuck with me for the rest of the day. I remember specifically thinking earlier in the day, “Damn so I can’t wake up like this.” followed by a string of curse words that should only stay in my brain. Later that day I remember looking in the mirror and my immediate thought was “You know Sameera, she is Beyonce and you are Sameera and damn girl you look fine with the top knot, no make up yoga pants look. You rock it.” And just like that within seconds I found myself smiling. In the mirror I didn’t see my flaws, I saw how they set me apart and made me who I am, a strong, beautiful and intelligent woman. And I suppose that is what sets all these “influencers” aka bootylicious celebrities apart, they celebrate what makes them different and they definitely own it. I can not twerk although that would be kind of cool but I have dark circles around my eyes that make me look like I always have a smokey eye look going on which is rad. I am not tall and I got my curves but I am happy. I do force myself to make wise choices and have a balance but that is only because I love those profiteroles and popcorn and still want to live life and have fun. I am still young but as I grow older I am accepting that my “flaws” are my sexy and they make me dynamic.”



Demelza @ Demelza Buckley



“For as long as I can remember I have been body conscious, I used to be a lot bigger and one day as if someone stuck a pin in me ‘pop’ the puppy fat melted away and next thing people starting asking ‘have you lost weight’, at first I didn’t realise I had, but then as more people from different friendship groups asked me the same thing, I knew I had and the funny thing is, I lost the weight when I stopped worrying about losing weight. I started to feel great about myself and all of a sudden a body confidence emerged. Since then my weight fluctuates a little, but no matter how much I exercise, eat or don’t eat I stay around the same weight and shape. I am not happy with certain areas of my body, but I have learnt how to dress to disguise my lumps and bumps and being challenged in the height department means when I over eat a lot I wear it the next day so I exercise at least three times a week. Everyone is different and as I get older I have realised that everything in moderation really is key to maintaining a healthy happy mind and body. I’m the type of person that feels better when I exercise, so recommend for mental and physical well-being that everyone’s gets out there and starts moving even if its just around the block and home again.”



So there you have it. Five bloggers with five concepts when it comes to living a healthy life.

I hope the next time you begin to put yourself down you pay a little thought to that time we were jumping around doing walking lunges and squats and instead choose to smile at just how pretty spectacular you already are. Just as you are.

Be happy within yourself right now and see how far you can go when you quit with the self hate. Go on, try it!

And then maybe have a slice of pizza.

Or two.


Photography by Sita @ Preciouss2Photo