Kids Jiu Jitsu Class

5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn Martial Arts  

With school holidays coming up, you may be thinking of new hobbies and activities to keep your child entertained. Fitness is crucial for a child’s health and development and enrolling your child in a kid’s martial arts class can help to not only improve their fitness but also develop key self-discipline and social skills for life.

Keep Your Child Fit and Healthy With MMA Classes

With the temptations of video games and TV shows, getting your child to stay active can be difficult. Sports like soccer and football are great activities but may not interest every child. Martial arts for children and classes like kid’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are a great option for kids who are looking to try something new. Our classes include warm-ups, games, drills and partner practices and offer a great way to stay fit and learn a new skill.

Learn Respect and Discipline

Many parents may worry that martial arts promote violence, but actually this is the opposite of what we teach. Instead, our classes focus on having fun and burning energy, as well as learning about safety, boundaries and respect for others. Learning to have discipline and respect are skills that require training. Through proper practice, your child can learn these crucial skills by appreciating learning from an instructor and understanding the on-going training process that is necessary to improve. These skills will be crucial for their future development as they become more focused and develop self-discipline skills which are key to success later in life.

benefits of kids martial arts

Work Towards Goals with a Hobby They Love

Starting your child learning mixed martial arts from a young age can enable them to develop and improve their skills. With the opportunity to compete throughout the year, your child will learn the art of setting goals and working towards them. This can present opportunities for them to continue training and competing in the future, as starting young gives them a head start. By learning how to work towards their goals they will develop key abilities in self-discipline, and they may even be one of the next champions!

Kids MMA Championships

Learn Self Defence, Anti-Bullying and Increase Confidence

Learning children’s martial arts will help your child develop the necessary skills to defend themselves against bullying, without condoning violence. This teaches them how to neutralise a situation and defend themselves, without having to kick or punch the other person or cause harm to themselves or their opponent. This is the preferred self-defence method to protect both themselves and the other person, so no one is hurt. By understanding how to control an attacker in a realistic scenario, your child will build confidence and key skills such as respect for others, which is often neglected in other sports.

Meet New People and Make Friends

Socialising with others is an important part of your child’s development. The great thing about our kid’s Jiu Jitsu and kid’s MMA classes in Perth is that they will have the chance to meet new people, develop social skills and make long lasting friendships in a positive and fun environment. Having fun and meeting others while developing new skills is one of the most important parts of learning martial arts for children and the reason why kids love it!

Kids Jiu Jitsu Class

If you’re looking for a fun and rewarding way for your child to stay active, Kid’s BJJ could be the perfect sport to try. We have kid’s Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes in Perth from ages 4-7 and a Junior BJJ program from ages 8-13. Our children’s martial arts classes cater for all abilities and our coaches will help to support your child throughout their learning. So, if your child is interested in learning martial arts and want’s to try out Mixed Martial Arts for kids, come down and trial a week FREE at any of our martial arts gyms in WA.