Women's Kickboxing Class

4 Reasons Why Women Should Learn Martial Arts

Often women may be hesitant or intimidated to pick up a martial art, as there is a misconception that it is a male dominant sport and that it is violent or intense – none of which are true! Martial arts are actually a great sport for women to try and are becoming an increasingly popular sport for many reasons. Martial arts can be tailored to any fitness level, from those who want to build on their existing fitness routine, people looking to lose weight or those who simply want to try something new. Here’s a list of why you shouldn’t steer away and just dive right into learning a new martial art!

1. Learn self-defence and empower yourself

The number one reason why most women choose to pick up a martial art is for self-defence, to be alert and ready for any situation. Many people may think that martial arts are all about fighting, which can be off-putting for some women. However, this is the opposite of what martial arts are about. It teaches people to defend themselves using their own body strength and intuitive moves.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has been known to be the most popular form of martial art for self-defence. It focuses on on-the-ground training, using the attacker’s momentum against them by applying pressure to certain joints. A few classes in, you’ll start to feel empowered and more confident in protecting yourself no matter what size your opponent may be.

2. Build mental and physical strength

Another benefit of taking up a martial art is that it helps you to build long-term strength – both mentally and physically. Each martial art, whether it be boxing or Muay Thai, engages every muscle group in a full body workout. Not only does it build muscle, but it also improves flexibility and balance over time.

Martial arts also help you to build your mental strength as it requires focus and discipline. As much as strength comes into play, you will also be taught that strategy is equally important. Many times, you may get knocked down and might feel discouraged, but the discipline involved in classes such as MMA and Muay Thai, force you to build a thicker skin and the inner strength to get back up and keep going. This helps you increase your confidence and mental strength.

women's martial arts class

A key component of martial arts is developing control and improving existing techniques which will inherently help you develop better self-discipline. Like any skill that you learn, there is a lot of work and dedication involved to improve. Not only with attending weekly classes, but also with on-going practise to continually improve and even competing in martial arts competitions. The self-discipline involved with learning a martial art will help you build your confidence, resilience, and focus. These crucial skills that you gain can even be applied even outside of your training, to help in your everyday life and work situations.

3. Improve your cardiovascular endurance

Picking up a martial art is a great way to kick-start a healthier lifestyle. Boxing and kickboxing can burn up to 13 calories per minute, which means up to 400 calories in just a 30-minute class! For this reason, many women decide to try these classes as a way to lose weight, increase their fitness and build lean muscle. But often they simply end up loving it so much that they get hooked. If you’re bored of going to the gym and looking for something new to try, women’s kickboxing classes are a great way to get fit in a fun environment.

Women's Kickboxing Class

Most classes are flexible, so you can take it as intense or as relaxed as you like, with no experience needed!

4. Make new friends and meet new people

Joining different classes and mixed martial arts gyms are also a great way to widen your community and meet new people that are likely to be in the same boat as you. Often classes require you to partner up which is a great way to build new relationships and develop your skills and training in a fun and supportive environment.

If a larger social group isn’t your thing, that is okay too! Most gyms, such as here at M1FC, also provide private martial arts classes with a personal trainer. Even then, you will still build lasting friendships as they help to push you to reach your fitness and martial arts goals.

women's boxing class

Want to start your martial arts journey but don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry, M1FC offers a range of disciplines including Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, and kickboxing classes in Perth, so come in and claim your free martial arts class!