3 Secrets For Spring Shredding!

The First day of Spring is finally here! The days are going to get longer, the days are going to get warmer and before you know it Summer is here!!!

It is unrealistic (although most of us have been guilty of it) to leave it a few week out before summer and start thinking about getting in shape….. don’t leave it, NOW is the time to start, then by Summer time you are feeling lean and more confident on the beach 🙂

3 Secrets to Spring Fitness

1. It all starts in the planning. If you get in your car without a destination in mind then how will you ever get anywhere?? You need a destination, a goal, a target to strive for. It needs to be a stretch out of your comfort zone but it needs to be realistic. This could be a measurment, a body fat reading, a fitness level or something measurable. If you have the goal of feeling healthy then believe me you may never reach it because a feeling is Not measurable!


2. Plan Your Food. Clean eating is the most important aspect to controlling your weight and reaching your body goals. Eat clean, Stay Lean! This couldn’t be more true. If it comes in a packet eat it rarely or never, if its fresh Real food that is grown or raised in Nature then get it on your plate. I believe most people know what they should and shouldn’t be eating but it will be difficult at first. Please just give it 3 weeks of clean eating and see how you feel, how you look and the improvements you have made. Once you have seen it working you are more likely to continue with the habit.

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3. Find exercise you enjoy. Don’t choose a workout you wont enjoy and then think that you will stick with it. If you are being challenged, if you are learning new skills and if you are having fun then you are more likely to make exercise a habit. Of course in the first few sessions you need to learn the fundamentals but once you have the basics down then you will feel more confident and have a great time training.

We have a lot of gym goers who are a little bored of the usual workouts and want to learn some self defence and an exciting sport whilst getting lean such as Boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, MMA or Krav Maga. A typical Boxing class can burn up to 800-1000 calories per session so you can make the most of your training and drop body fat quickly.

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“Steve at M1FC first introduced me to boxing when I collaborated with another blogger to promote health and fitness. I’d never boxed before, and being a real girly girl thought I’d stick out like a sore thumb (or fist!), but he was so understanding and stripped it right back to basics so that I could pick up the core moves quickly. A few weeks on and I feel strong, fit and confident throwing a few punches. Boxing has become part of my core fitness regime, especially since nothing beats post-work stress than letting it loose on a punchbag!”

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Hayley – Perth Blogger

So Today is the Day, follow the 3 steps and you wont regret it

 Go GET It! (Goals. Eating. Training)

Stephen – M1FC Coach