100 x Rounds For Robyn Fundraiser

Feelin pretty overwhelmed at the support and participation at the?#?roundsforrobyn? event held at M1FC today. The huge turnout of people to jump in for some rounds or to donate their time in helping run the event was amazing I cant even attempt to tag everyone in who came as I am afraid that I will miss someone. We raised so much money for the fundraiser and everyone really seemed to have fun even in the heat!

Rounds for Robyn
Big shout out to Angie who raised over $1600 so far and still counting what an amazing effort outside and inside the ring today. Awesome effort by Sim, Brett and Abanob who also completed 100 rounds (over 6 hours of sparring!!!) and to everyone who pushed their limits doing 10, 20, or even 50+ rounds!


Thanks to Jen who took 100’s of photos today plus Yuyang and Anthony who did the same 

There were so many people who helped out on the day and donated money,

thank you everyone 

Robyn is an accomplished disabled athlete and is focused on achieving her dream of competing at the Paralympics in Wheelchair Track.

We did the fundraising to purchase her own track chair so I have come up with an endurance based challenge that got all the Mach1 team involved

Coach Stephen Walton had the personal challenge is to complete 100 x rounds of sparring which took over 6 hours to complete finishing the event in round 100 with his daughter, Robyn! Challenging but fun day had by all